• 5 Steps To Making Heart Led Decisions


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    A philosophy and framework supporting Heart Led Decisions

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    Who is impacted? You? Other people? Other communities?

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    What are the consequences for you or others of this decision? What are the impacts?

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    Check in. Is this decision authentic and aligned to your values and the values of the community impacted by the decision? Is it virtuous or motivated by ego or greed?

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    Assess the decision from a rational perspective. Look at it sensibly and intelligently using all the inputs available to you.  Are you creating an opportunity or solving a problem? What is the intent of this decision?

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    Make it real. Commit. Act on the decision and give it life.

  • Resources

    Tools To Help You Make More Heart Led Decisions 

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    Heart Led Decisions Canvas

    Use this canvas for personal and business decisions

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    Heart Led Board Decisions Canvas

    Use this canvas for board decisions

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    Heart Led Business Canvas

    Use this canvas for new business, products or services