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    Krystyna's Story


    Krystyna is passionate about helping others succeed in work and life.


    Having been a CEO, successful senior executive, and serial entrepreneur, Krystyna is an expert in perseverance, tenacity, and resilience.


    A disruptive thinker, she is always looking for a better way and understands that learning often comes from taking the wrong step, and making the wrong decision.


    Krystyna has experience across multiple industries and has a successful track record in bringing innovative ideas to life, building products, business partnerships and leading teams.


    Krystyna is also the author of Heart Led Decisions, a decision-making framework that considers people and their values alongside economic factors.


    Today Krystyna runs a global insurance business in micromobility (e-scooters and e-bikes), sits on boards and continues to mentor and coach others, supporting them make the best decisions they can for their career and life.

  • How I work

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    Multi Disciplinary


    My style has been influenced by my own personal journey and schools of psychology that I have worked with. I work with a range of modalities. I believe different approaches work with different clients, as we all accept and process new information in different ways.


    In addition to my business and entrepreneurial experience have trained in:

    • Mind Body Counselling
    • Modern Applied Psychology
    • Rites of Passage Leadership
    • Reiki
    • EFT Therapy
    • Ecopsychology
    • Soul Centred Healing
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    Heart Led Decisions©




    My Heart Led Decisions Framework transforms how we make decisions in work and life.






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    Personal Accelerated Change


    P.A.C.E. ©


    We are all unique and need different environments and approaches to accelerate the change we want in our lives. I have developed a Personal Accelerated Change Environment methodology “P.A.C.E.” where I identify a client’s preferences for assimilating change.


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    Finding Me Workshop

    I know who I am

    Who are you? What do you stand for? What is important to you? What makes your heart sing or sink? Can you name these things? Do you live your life honouring these things? These may seem like easy questions to answer however I know they have challenged me greatly during the course of my life.


    Finding Me Workshop helps define what is really important to you with actions supporting you in being true to you.

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    Understanding your Emotional Body - Workshop

    I can tune in to my body to better understand my emotions. I can tune into my emotions to better understand my body.

    Emotions are in places the rational mind can’t find. Emotions are an energy state - not a mind state.

    If you try to find emotions with your logical mind …. You won’t find them. So where do emotions live?

    Emotions take up residence in our body - they are energy and if released, they move their way through ...if they are not released or processed, they sit in the body like fog.


    Understanding Your Emotional Body.....

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    Balancing Emotions Training

    I have the tools to achieve emotional balance

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    Energetic Healing

    I allow myself time out for nurture and healing

    60 mins of energetic balancing. Sessions are delivered in person.

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    Space Clearing

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    A Heroic Section

    I feel emotions deeply. I feel them in my body and if left unattended, my body screams with pain. It's a gift.


    The better I have become in engaging in dialogue with my subconscious, my emotional body, the faster I am able to work out what's upsetting me, process it and release it.


    Join me in the FindingMe program. and discover what your body wants you to know

  • My stories discuss the varied and at times painful aspects of being on the journey of self discovery. Deeply personal and authentic, I consider how to achieve emotional balance and dignity whilst dealing with life’s many curve balls.

  • Have you reached your pinnacle

    only to find 

    there is still something missing?

    Reclaim YOU


    Have you reached the top of the mountain you thought was going to be your pinnacle, only to find there was still something missing?


    Do you feel you have lost yourself in your career or role as a carer and wonder where and when you lost the real you?


    Are you struggling at work or having interactions with colleagues and superiors which literally make you feel sick?


    Are you exhausted and feel trapped in your own life story with seemingly no way out?


    Are you wondering if you are on the right career path?


    Is your body screaming and you have no way of decoding its messages?



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