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    Personal Accelerated Change Environment

    P.A.C.E. ©

    Tailoring sessions to your preferences

  • P.A.C.E ©


    We are all different and learn and change in different ways. In my experience, people learn and change more effectively when the delivery method is tailored to their preferences. In counselling work this is particularly valuable as I adapt sessions to work the way YOU like to work. By working with your Personal Change Environment we can accelerate assimilation and integration of the information you need, to make positive change in your life.


    This may mean we work together in what some might say are "unconventional ways". Our sessions may be held outdoors or with music or whilst drawing. Or it may mean we sit and talk in a more traditional way.


    The way we work together is totally up to you.


    In order to assist you in communicating your preferred style, a questionnaire is completed. Once we both understand your Personal Accelerated Change Environment, I adapt the setting and modalities to ensure you get the most from your sessions.


    P.A.C.E is built upon the work of Howard Gardner, an American development psychologist.

    My P.A.C.E ©


    When I am identifying and assimilating change in my life, my P.A.C.E is to be in nature. Nature has always been a great teacher for me. It's where I go to de-stress. It's also the place I most often connect in soulful way. I also have a strong personal bias to introspection, self reflection, body connection and communicating with others.


    The perfect place for me to make change is to be out walking in nature, doing my inner work whilst talking and communicating with someone I trust. That is where the magic happens for me!


    What is your P.A.C.E.? Where can we make magic happen for you?


  • Personal Accelerated Change Environment©

    P.A.C.E ©

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    Connect through logic and reason

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    Connect through images and design

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    Connect through introspection

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    Connect through communication and words

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    Connect through body and movement

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    Connect through relating

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    Connect through spirit

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    Connect through music

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    Connect through nature